Client looking to buy

Buyer’s mandate for a school to buy

We have a Buyer’s Mandate from a Philippine conglomerate that is in the market to acquire or purchase several and currently operating tertiary schools in the following locations:

  1. Baguio City
  2. Davao City
  3. Cagayan De Oro City
  4. Key Cities in Pampanga Province
  5. Key Cities in Bulacan Province

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS collected from the willing seller-schools as the buyer, a conglomerate will pay the success fee of brokers.

Tertiary schools even without a K-12 program will also be considered.

Foundation type of schools are not in the radar of the conglomerate as they will drive the school to purchase into profits.

Anybody is welcome to lead me to the owners and arrange that first meeting.

Listings from licensed real estate brokers are also welcome. Just make sure you have the appropriate ATS or SPA supported by a Board Resolution and notarized Secretary’s Certificate. Please note that I will not split with your commission as my compensation will come from the buyer as committed we will not add a burden to the seller school

Details of the Buyer’s Mandate will be revealed with a successful meeting with the school decision makers.

Following schools have been in talks with buyer already and please exclude in your prospecting:

Baguio City
Baguio Central University
Pines College

Davao City
MATS College of Science and Technology
Davao Central College
Davao Doctors College
Rizal Memorial College

If you know of any school in any of the said locations and in contact with the decision makers please let us know.