Customized Filipino dish to satisfy cravings (Closed)

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Customized Filipino dish to satisfy cravings

Customized Filipino dish to satisfy cravings (Closed)

Unique brick & mortar Filipino restaurant located along a major thoroughfare in Quezon City

Patrons can experience a soothing of their cravings and order the dish their taste buds are yearning for if the dish is not in the menu. If the ingredients and equipment are available the chef will gladly cook it for them. This is why customers keep coming back. Other than the dish requested, there is a menu of specialty dishes that will surely satisfy the hungry guest and their family members.

Located on a busy street where established brands of banks and other businesses are located. The restaurant location has ample parking space that can accommodate several vehicles at a time. Good reviews in social media are posted.

Own this restaurant and keep your guests coming back for new dishes all the time. This is an opportunity for you to pursue your creativity in your dish offerings. Additionally, menu need not be restricted to Filipino cuisine. Customers can order other cuisines like shrimp tempura and other international dishes.


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