Triple-A construction company

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triple a construction

Triple-A construction company

Qualified to work on gigantic projects

Build, Build, Build! It’s construction boom in the Philippines! How to instantly join the band wagon of Top Construction Companies and beat the competition?

What you need is a Construction company that can be part of the growing economy in the Philippines, qualified to build gigantic projects like high rise buildings, edifices, infra-structures, commercial structures, bridges, roads, for private or government projects.

A PCAB LICENSED Construction company that is qualified with good records of accomplishments that makes it even qualified to rank as quadruple A (AAAA PCAB LICENSED) with NFCC Php1.2B worth of projects Capacity per Private Contracts. (The company temporarily set the PCAB License to single A but can easily revive its Triple A status)

The company’s pride is the Technical skill, accomplishment and the Top of the line Formworks and Heavy Duty Equipment made in Germany that makes it one of the best in the industry

Inclusive of:
-Equipment with market value of more than Php300M

-Real estate property as yard with 27,000 square meters with Fair Market Value of Php105M as per independent appraisal report

-Pre-casting facility

Other assets included

Making gross project cost of about Php500M a year with existing clientele. With a potential pipeline of about Php5B in the next 5 years


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    Shares, Tangible-Assets, Intangible-Rights

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    Will disclose to a prospect buyer with signed NDA

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