Two-restaurant sale

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two restaurant sale

Two-restaurant sale

Contemporaneous sale with reduced asking price

Restaurant 1
Located inside a 6-hectare mall on the 5th level and has the largest single structure in the area. The mall can easily park about 2,000 cars and parking fee is only a fixed rate of Php30 per day. The mall has motorcycle parking a jeepney terminal and pedestrian over-passes that connect to the LRT station and to a bus bay area. The mall is highly accessible by the general public.

Asking price has has been reduced from Php22M to Php16M. Applicable taxes should be added.

Restaurant 2
Located inside a 17-hectare area with 12 luxury residential condos and 3 adjacent malls. The 3 malls nearby employs abou 30,000 employees. There are about 10 call centers in the mall with about a combined 17,000 employees

Asking price has been reduced from Php10M to Php8M. Applicable taxes should be added.

Sale can be on location only or both!


  • Percent sale on shares sale only


  • Sale type

    Shares, Tangible-Assets, Intangible-Rights

  • Reason for selling (RFS)

    Will disclose to a prospect buyer with signed NDA

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