Referral Partners

Refer me to your contacts and friends!

Do you know a business owner who is selling a business?

Do you know anyone who is looking to buy a business?

Our company conducts weekly online presentations via Zoom, Thursdays at 9:45am for the very exciting Individual Referral Program. The Referral Partner is NOT a Business Broker  OR in any way affiliated with our company. The relationship is between the Referral Partner and the Business Broker.

If you are directly and well connected with business owners or people looking (prefers) to buy established businesses over starting a new one themselves, this is for you!

We highly welcome CPAs, Engineers, Lawyers, managers, and other professionals!

We also have a program for non-profit organizations and may help raise some needed funds through the Corporate Referral Program.

We highly welcome, school/college/university alumni leaders, non-profit association presidents etc.!

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